vintage & contemporary styling and wardrobe


Vee Frances offers specialized wardrobe sourcing and styling for commercial, editorial and personal projects. Please contact me for availability and rates.


I believe in the artistic value of fashion. I believe that fashion can tell stories, make statements, and serve as social commentary on this crazy world we live in. I believe that the history of how fashion, culture and politics collide is important. I believe in sustainable and ethical wardrobe sourcing through vintage, local design, and repurposed wears. I believe that fashion is far greater when it is accessible, inclusive, and reflective of all gender identities and body types.

In all the work I do I value relationships, collaborative creative process, and a clear vision in order to take steps toward meeting the end goal. I have the keen ability to see a grand concept and break it down into all the detailed pieces of getting there. I know what questions to ask and what challenges to anticipate to ensure the project’s success. I have a unique eye for shape, color, patterns, as well as how clothing drapes and moves. My passion is fashion and my skills allow me to create the perfect look for every client. In addition to commercial styling I love working one-on-one with individuals in need of a wardrobe boost or special occasion outfit from wedding apparel to on-stage performance wear.

About Vee

I am proud that my name, Virginia Frances, comes from my two grandmothers. They were both strong women who continue to inspire me even though I barely knew them. Virginia explored Europe by herself in the 1950s, was a spy for the U.S. military, and cooked amazing southern food. Frances raised six children, performed song and dance well into her 80s and was a thrift store queen (I like to say she passed her crown on to me). Growing up, a lot of people called me "Vee" for short. And then as my friends started having kids, I became Auntie “Vee" so the name officially stuck. 

In addition to being a stylist, I’m the owner of VEE VINTAGE, a monthly Vintage POPUP Boutique in Seattle. I also work on special projects for the City of Seattle's Environmental Sustainability Unit.

Vee Frances grew from Vee Vintage which grew from Thrifting With Vee which grew from Have you Nerd which came from a blog my best friend started where I featured my thrifted outfits and wrote about Star Trek the Next Generation. Funny how things grow and evolve when you follow your heart.